Business Recycling

Collection Service

Convenient pick-up recycling service customized to your Business' needs to responsibly dispose of recyclable materials.  

Service Fees: (plus GST)

Weekly Pick-up-            $87/month

Bi-Weekly Pick-up-        $60/month Monthly Pick-up-            $25/month

Volume Limit per pick up is approximately 200L, (equivalent of a large garbage can.) Overage charges may apply. Inquire for more details.

Acceptable materials fall within the same guidelines as the RBC Residential Recycling Program.  (with the exception of glass)

Confidential Paper Shredding w/ recycling

Do Your Part Recycling Co is a free Residential RBC Collection Site for glass jars and bottles, plastic bags and overwrap, as well as foam packaging!  

Did you know?

Light and Paint  Collection Site

Do Your Part Recycling Co is insured to handle confidential cross-cut paper shredding services in the northwest.

 You will receive a Certificate of Confidential Destruction for your company and the peace of mind that your making the environmentally conscious decision to recycle.


Service Fees: (Plus GST)

$13/ Bankers Box

Do Your Part Recycling Co is pleased to be a designated collection site for your old light bulbs and old paint. REMEMBER, paint must be in original container with clear labels. To learn more about what products are accepted under this program visit their website.